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ListBox In WPF

WPF: ListBox Background Image WPF ListBox class represents a ListBox control that is a collection of ListBoxItems. The XAML represents the UI of a ListBox. This tutorial and code examples are the various use cases of ListBox control in WPF and C#, such as ListBox Formatting, ListBox Style, Images in ListBox, CheckBox in ListBox, and Data Binding in ListBox. How to make WPF listview display Images and Labels ... You can declare those in XAML, you don't need to specifically set everything up in code-behind. In fact with WPF you should be relying on data-binding as much as possible, even if you're not doing full-blown MVVM. Just add MouseDown="Image_MouseDown" to your Image in the XAML and add the Image_MouseDown handler in your main Listbox WPF item background color It seems to have vanished from Windows 7, but I thought I would try to recreate it in WPF. All you need to do is replace the ListBox control template. What we’re going to do is just insert an image in between the border and the ScrollViewer. This will give us an image that is always visible in the same location even when the content is scrolled. I want to change the background color of ListBoxItem After search I decide to use this