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Anybody knows where we can enable/disable "Make Setup My Default Landing Page" of user record programatically?

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How to Create a High Converting Landing Page (12 Essential ... How To Resolve Access Database Record Locking Issue During ... Description: I have one gridview I need to write code to insert data into gridview after that I need to edit that gridview data and update it and if I want to delete the record in grdview we need to delete record simply by click on delete button of particular row to achieve these functionalities I have used some of gridview events those are Asp.net insert, Edit, update, delete data in gridview ... A landing page can be your homepage, or another page within your taxonomy, or it can be a standalone page created for a specific campaign, sale, or product. When it comes to a landing page vs. a homepage or other page your visitors find through a search engine, people often get confused. A few best practices can go a long way toward protecting your Access data from careless or overly curious users. Here are some simple ways to add a few layers of security to a database. Edit Record– This option is most commonly used in a multi-user environment. The Edit record option ensures that access locks a record the moment a user starts the editing process and then lock is released when users save the changes. This locking method is called as pessimistic locking. MS SQL Server :: Disable And Enable A Task At RunTime In SSIS Enable And Disable User In MsSql 2000 Database May 25, 2007. Hi, I'm using MsSql 2000 data base, how to enable and disable user in mssql 2000 version. View 3 Replies View Related Want To Enable/disable Report Builder Option For Set Of Users Feb 8, 2008. I want to restrict report builder access only to a reporting alias and block for other users.

Anybody knows where we can enable/disable "Make ...

The Display Resolution Dialogue has been deprecated and ... Disable and Enable WiFi connection I've been trying to understand where we can toggle "Make Setup My Default Landing Page" field of user? My intention is to build a scratch org and at the same time I want to disable this after scra... WPF Datagrid set selected row Click the “Record” button in the taskbar. Select the “Record to the cloud” option. Click “Stop recording” at the end of a meeting. Visit the “Recordings” page to see and share a ... Zoom Meetings: 10 tips and tricks you should know about In order to match your row you can iterate through you collection that was bound to your DataGrid.ItemsSource property then assign this item to you DataGrid.SelectedItem property programmatically, alternatively you can add it to your DataGrid.SelectedItems collection if you want to allow the user to select more than one row. See the code below: I pitched this idea to the director and he was game so we got 5 of the phones, now if we can get the GPS to give some numbers we can get 50-100 Mobile 5 phones. Thanks, Zac Tag: Smart Devices General Disable and Enable WiFi connection Smart Device Development; 8 Here is the problem we have come across- it does not appear that unity supplies a cross platform method to select the display you wish to use. If anyone knows a way to programatically select which display you want to use without platform-specific code, please share.

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how to hide the views from document library or list ... You can't hide a view from some users and not others, but there is a way to hide a view from everyone, and then you can let your team know that, though hidden, the view still exists.. From the list settings page, choose "Per-location view settings", then select the views you want to hide and click "Remove". We have a SQL Server Login on a SQL Server 2008, and no one seems to know if the account is actually being used or not. It is assumed it is being used, as it is configured in a Linked_Server connection, however no one knows if it is still really being used, and if so for what.